Cottages in Whitby

Information on cottages in Whitby, North Yorkshire

Cottages in Whitby

Hello from Cottages in Whitby.

We have had this domain of for a number of years now and it seems to work well so was at a loss on how to use it. We have decided to let anyone with any story, event or advertisement to include a post on our site

There are a few rules though and I will make sure that whoever submits to it are being responsible for their input and the content they wish to use.

  1. No bad language
  2. It has to content stories about Whitby (any Whitby!)
  3. No more than one link please
  4. Not too advertisish although if you wish to insert information on your special cottage or apartment on this site or on Whitby I will encourage it. Price is £10.00 on here and £99.00 per year on
  5. Please find a photo to use, it looks much much better for the article and of the site.
  6. Other things I have not thought about yet :).
  7. Offers for the domain  of around £400 will be looked at as “anything is for sale at the right price!”, but no silly offers please! Ideal for someone or company with more than one cottage in whitby or just someone who wishes to set up their own cottage booking agency in Whitby. This domain is a page rank 2 in Google and gets approximately 30 unique visitors a day, (10,000 unique visitors per year), but this could be build it on. Ring 0747 304 2480 or email


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